Arrival Beunos Aires, Wednesday 7th of March. Bike supposedly on our plane!

Head down the I3 towards Ushuaia, about 3500km, then turn North and head along Western Patagonia on the famous ripio (dirt road in Spanish) Route 40 towards Bariloche keeping two-wheels ahead of winter…….. and the Andes to our left.

Apparently there are fuel stations in Argentina, but they are un-reliable – so, we will be carrying 10l extra fuel as our long range tank. Cath’s duty will be to hold onto our lifeline as it will be precariously lashed down to a side-panier 🙂


2 thoughts on “Route

  1. Emily

    Guys – your AMAZING adventure begins today (well, I actually just tried to get in touch with you to wish you Bon Voyage today but see that you actually arrive in S America today – oops, sorry!). Hope you (and your bike!) have arrived safely. Wishing you an AWESOME trip, may you be protected and blessed along the way – may your journey be smooth, may you not find the cold too cold, may you make many wonderful memories and see and experience many incredible things and may laughter characterise your days – we will definitely be keeping tabs via this blog. So excited for you!

    Sending you LOTS and LOTS of love,
    xx E

  2. erna

    Wow girl – enjoy every second and thanx that we can share!! its awesome!! be save xx

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