South America 2-up goes down under

Dear friends and family,

As the expat saying goes; “We are fresh off the boat on the shores of Australia”.

If you would like to follow our blog while in Melbourne, Aussie, please visit and click on the “follow” icon.

Fond regards
Andrew and Cathy

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2 thoughts on “South America 2-up goes down under

  1. Rosemary

    It is so great to get your blogs on Aus. You two certainly get around & get things done. Melbourne looks so great! Beautiful photography. I am so happy that you are enjoying your jobs. Sorry to hear about the bike theft – guess it happens all over the world. Hope you are enjoying your new home it sounds really great.

    Back here at PASS all is going along well. Heidi, the new sonographer, is settling in well and is a great help. Ed Riley (remember the guy from CIFASD)will be visiting our unit on 11 April – will be interesting to speak to him. I will let you know.

    All here send their love.

    Look forward to hearing from you & your next post.

    Keep well & lots of love. Rose

  2. Liesl Rust

    Wow love having you guys back online. Impressive street art – amazing how creative people are. Sounds like your new house is going to be fantastic, looking forward to seeing pictures of the table and how you make it your own little nest.

    This side harvesting season is in full swing – so keeping us out of mischief.

    Boys growing up way to fast. Sebastian has started taking his first tentative steps, generally a happy disposition. The two brothers have tendency of making each other bubble over with laughter – lovely to see what silly things set them off.

    Looking forward to your next post

    Warm regards from lovely cool Elgin

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