Our journey comes to an end…..the last post

One of the peculiarities of travelling by bike is that one is bound to your travel companion. There is very little opportunity to indulge in complete isolation immersed in thought or contemplation. Daily travels while on the road always require a degree of concentration both from the pillion and clearly more from the driver. The downtime is spent visiting sites or indulging in the magic that is the foreign location. As we head back to the real world and plunge head first into mainstream life, we reflect on our journey.
The bike is packed and wrapped, our tickets are confirmed and we while away the last afternoon in Buenos Aires in our apartment in the classy suburb of Palermo.

I feel that a trip comes to the end when you think back on a famous spot you visited and struggle to contextualise it and recall instantaneously the immediate detail. For example, perito Moreno glacier…….Uhm, down south in Argentina, but what was the name of that place we camped?? No disrespect for our colleagues travelling for over a year! I look forward to re-running drives, visits, campsites and stories in time to come when the good times seem to take on an enhanced shimmer and the bad-times wash away leaving a gentle rememberance in their wake. Selecting the best of the best pictures to print and collate into a printed album for the occasional perusal when the mainstream feels a bit turbulent.

We have spent 9months of our life on the back of a motorbike, cape to Cairo included, fallen off at least 10 times (not once on this trip though!), seen two completely different continents and experienced wildly different adventures.
We have been blessed by meeting wonderful fellow travellers both touring on and off the bike and look forward to maintaining relationships over the years to come.
This whole trip would not even have been possible if Andy Cluver, my father-in-law, was not kind enough to ‘loan’ us his bike. I doubt there are many fathers or father-in-laws out there who are, one, willing to loan their BMWs and two, for the purpose of dragging their daughters across a continent where the advice we received before leaving home was to take out hostage recovery insurance! Whatever your beverage, please raise your glass to the amazing man who is my father in law!!! Thank you so much for this incredible and generous opportunity. The steed has had a private professional wash already and she is due for her post trip service when are back prior to her return to her rightful owner 🙂

This is a continent that has demanded a second visit not only due to its size, but it’s people, sights and diverse climates creating environments that are unrecognisable in different seasons.

Some of our firsts that come to mind;
– pillion riding a mighty GS 1200
– catching a mammoth trout
– touching a manatee
– seeing a real live toucan
– ice-climbing
– driving on salt plains
– driving in a snow-storm
– cracking a rib from a bad cough
– hot-wiring a BMW
– tasting a Pisco sours……….

We have made a short trailer of some of the things that we have experienced and soon we hope to put together a short video of our entire journey.

We have so enjoyed writing this blog and sharing it with our family and friends. Thank you so much for all the comments and visits to the site. We hope you enjoyed it!

Greetings from the southamerica2up team!

The sea brown trout…

Our beautiful planet sky

The Amazon team, Peru

Sunset, Valparaiso, Chile

Nasca lines, Peru

Upsala Glacier, Agentina

The Amazon. Peru

Tiwanaku, Bolivia

Snow riding, Rio Turbio, Argentina

Torres del Paine, Chile

Navimag, Chile

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island, Chile

El Chalten, Argentina

Baileys on ice on the glacier

The 2-up team, Salt Plains, Bolivia

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15 thoughts on “Our journey comes to an end…..the last post

  1. Trish

    Loved every bit of it though way to much white powdery stuff for me:)

    Come home safe!

  2. Vicky

    I’m a sucker for endings! Brought a tear to my eye that this amazing journey is now at an end. Thank you for allowing us to experience the adventure with you. Cannot wait to see you again and introduce you to our daughter.

  3. sally

    ..Oh… and thank you for solving the mystery of a beautiful song by Sting . I could never work out the name of the place he sings of. Now I know …. its ….Valparaiso .!

    • Andrew

      Yeah, it’s a lovely song and the image of passing around Cape Horn is stirring! Any more good song ideas? We are making a video of our trip and looking for apt themes!

  4. sally


  5. Deborah Morrison

    Wow! Love the video clip and all your blogs. Gonna miss reading about your adventures. Safe trip home and please keep in touch. Have a great time catching up with family and friends and telling them all about your adventures. Xoxo

  6. Sue & Dave

    Hi Cathy & Andy
    Its been such fun following your blog. You two are amazing – we will certainly raise a glass to your safe return home …. and to your lovely Dad. Cheers XXX Sue & Dave

  7. will

    Congratulations !!!! This is the trip of a lifetime. Thank you & Andrew for all the great pics & updates. Returning to Cape Town is probably going to seem boring after the last 5 months so I hope you are able to make the transition easily. Safe travels back. I lok forward to hearing more in person when i return to Cape Town. Cheers. Will Price

  8. Mike

    A friend of a friend – and also ride a GS. Although I dont know you I feel compelled to thank you for sharing your experiences WOW. My wife and I traveled for a similar period when first married 25 years ago – think we need to do it again 🙂

    • Andrew

      Maybe we should get together for a drink? Are you in Jhb or cape town? We are in Jhb for the week….

  9. Eve

    What an incredible adventure. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and cant wait for you two to come home! You have been well missed

  10. Emily

    Guys – WHAT an epic adventure you have been on! Not sure how you managed to whittle down your pics to only those few – impressive!! Safe trip home & we look forward to hearing all about it in person soon 🙂 Lots of love, xxx

  11. Alex Cluver

    how lucky you are! what a great adventure and what wonderful memories. I expect the house decked out with new pictures soon!

  12. Andy Cluver

    Knowing you guys , you are probably planning the next trip , already ???

    See you tomorrow ,


    Dad .

  13. Rosemary

    Amazing trip, stunning photography! Thanks for sharing with me – loved all the posts and am going to miss them. Have a safe journey home. Rose

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