The Final Map

South America 2-up…… 20 000km, 5 months…… What an adventure it has been…..

Hi friends and family

So 5 months of travelling with the silver steed is drawing to a close….
At times it feels as if we have been travelling forever and at other times it feels as if the journey has just raced by.

The bike is packed and waiting at the airport. It catches the same flight as us on Friday.

I have updated our map to give you an idea of how we got through 20 000km.

Thank you for sharing in our adventure

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19 thoughts on “The Final Map

  1. Karen Bishop

    Hi Guys- Have loved reading your posts and seeing all the pics! We coming to CT in Oct (without the kids!) so would absolutely LOVE to catch up with you guys one night. lol Chops and Karen

  2. Rosemary

    What a great trip! Thanks for sharing it with me – loved the posts and awesome photos. look forward to seeing you soon.
    Love Rose

  3. charliesbird

    Can’t believe the journey is over! I have lived vicariously through you guys for these 5 months, what an adventure! Glad you are safely now at home (i presume). Thanks for the glimpse into South America – loved it!

  4. Benine Du Toit

    Oh no….. reading your most incredible stories has been a highlight…..what now!!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us, and with being so good with doing regular updates and sending those stunning photographs. love Benine du Toit

  5. nvanesch

    An epic and amazing trip well done 🙂 We are all very jealous 🙂 in a good way

    come home safe and thanks for all the blog stuff 🙂

    Michael, Claudia and Nick

  6. lyn

    Safe flight back home tomorrow Cath! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us :o)

  7. Trish

    i have loved every post:) Thank you. The pics were awesome:)

  8. Dee Low

    What an experience, I’ve loved reading about your wonderful adventure, will miss your post.
    Have a safe trip back, and back to reality.
    Love Dee – London, where it don’t stop raining!!!!

  9. will

    Congratulations. What a trip !!! Cant wait to hear more about it in person when i return to Cape Town

  10. Cathy Johnstone

    well done you guys!!! Amazing trip and many memories made!!!

  11. Deborah Morrison

    Wow! What an adventure and we are just SO happy we got to meet you both! Safe travels back and make sure to keep in touch. Love to you both xoox

  12. Alex Cluver


  13. Richard

    Looking forward to having the two of you, Thomas & Bella back in Cape Town.
    I too will miss your posts, but look forward to chatting…

  14. David Cluver

    What a trip! Very glad you made it without serious mishap. Will miss these posts!!!

  15. Doug Lawson

    Thanks so much to both of you for all the posts. I have loved reading them and it has been a great way to stay a little connected. What a trip, what a couple!

    • Margy Gracey

      Hey guys what an epic journey – its been a blast for us as well learning all about places and things we never knew existed. SAFE HOME love you both

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