Iguaçu…… unimaginable beauty

Iguazu falls

The amazing Iguaçu falls are found between Argentina and Brazil which means there are two sides to see them from (and yet another border crossing which is a problem when space in your passport is very limited).

Water everywhere

We were told that the Brazilian side gives you more of a panoramic view and that the Argentinean side is more of a close up WOW experience so we hit the Brazilian side first and decided to take local transport from Argentina as we didn’t want to cross with the bike just for a day. It was fun and saved us quite a bit of cash (which we spent and more the next night when as a celebration of coming to the end of an epic adventure we splashed out and stayed at the Sheraton in the park on the Argentinean side).

Double cascade from the Brazillian side

The falls are truly spectacular. Neither of us wanted to admit it as our heart lies with Africa but these are the most spectacular waterfalls we have ever seen.
The falls are made up of 150 to 300 waterfalls depending on the time of year and the level of the water. We saw the falls at high water and it really is phenomenal. The falls extend for 2.7 km and in places they cascade down twice over an island. The height of the falls vary from 60 to 82 meters and around every corner there is a different view.

Spectacular Iquazu…. yet another view from the Brazillian side

The biggest is what they call the Devil’s throat and it really looks like a throat. I like the Spanish name “Garganta del Diablo”….. it just sounds right. The Devil’s throat is best seen from the Argentian side which we visited the following day. It is a U-shape and is 82 meters high (you can’t see the bottom due to the spray) and 150 meters wide. We both just stood on the view point looking down in absolute awe of this gigantic natural spectacle. I found this quote and I think it just sums it up… “awesome spectacle of an ocean pouring into an abyss.”

The Devil’s Throat from the Argentinian side

What makes the falls even more spectacular are the rain forests. I have fallen in love with macaws. I think they are just the most beautiful birds with their extra big brightly coloured beaks and I just love their blue feet. Every time we got a glimpse of one I was over the moon.

The Toucan… my latest love…

After visiting the Argentinean side, when we were relaxing on our balcony at the Sheraton (very spoilt) overlooking the falls a pair flew straight past us. This sighting has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I hope to never forget that image.


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8 thoughts on “Iguaçu…… unimaginable beauty

  1. Alex Cluver

    I TOLD YOU! Iguacu make every other waterfall look like a trickle. It is magic, we loved it so much! Great Toucan pics – we got so overexcited every time we saw them, but nowhere near as close to get that kind of photo!

  2. David Cluver

    I have to agree – that Devil’s Throat puts the Victoria and Augrabies Falls into the “also ran” category. Looking forward to catching up with you soon at Bacini’s for a pizza & red wine.

  3. Emily

    Wow – awesome!! I love macaws too – my 30th bday was made by seeing them in the Peruvian Amazon 🙂 SO beautiful! I like the sound of your celebration! It has certainly been an epic adventure – even as an armchair adventure for us!! Thank you for sharing it. xxx

  4. Deborah Morrison

    Sure loved them too! When do you head back home? hope you are both well. In Nasca now and heading to the airport in the morning to hopefully take a flight:) hope all is well. Miss you guys xoxox

  5. Wendy

    You will have to watch reruns of the movie the mission …now ..

  6. Bruce Harrison

    Gee guys , I wonder how many cubic metres of water pass there per minute.
    Lovely photos

  7. Jana

    Hi Cathy!

    Wow, everytime I view your photo’s it gives me hope and reminds me if the beauty out there. We forget that regurlarly here in the rat race. Enjoy your adventure!


  8. wow wow wow you guys are having such an amazing journey! Looking forward to cathing up when you’re back.

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