Goodbye Bolivian altiplano…. bring on Iguazu

So we have just managed to get through a few days of pretty hard riding. We had a few choices…. one of which was whether we wanted to drive to the famous Iguazu falls or fly from BA. After having a look at the ticket prices we decided it would probably be better to drive.

Dirt roads in Bolivia bring out the wild side……

Neither of us was too sad to leave Bolivia. We found that the people were not that friendly and the altitude was affecting us. (There was also a shortage of hairdryers which is really not good in cold weather if you have long hair!!!!!). The scenery was spectacular but the temperature was something else…. we function better in warm temperatures with ample oxygen ;). The food was bland and lacking in quantity so my husband was not the happiest.

We headed across the border to Argentina and were so pleased to be eating empanadas again (even if they were chicken and I had to suffer the after effects for the next day or so) . We spent that night in a lovely little hotel in Tilcara and both engorged ourselves on red meat. One can’t believe that you can cross an imaginary line and suddenly the red meat is thicker and tastier!!! It was so nice to be around friendly people and not to worry about whether you would get served petrol at a petrol station.

The next morning was an early start and we headed to Salta. We had planned to ride the road to the clouds but when the temperature gauge read below zero and we could only see 2 meters ahead of ourselves due to the mist we realised that it may not be the best of ideas.

Salta I can imagine is a lovely town when it is not raining. We saw some of the architecture, had a VERY delicious lunch at the center of town and then got horribly lost as we hadn’t been able to load the latest maps on to our GPS due to slow internet. Eventually after about an hour I was directing Andrew through the city by looking at the maps on the iPad. We must have been quite a site.

About 200km from Salta in a tiny town we found a little hostel with a really great shower. We made supper for the first time in months (almost thought I had forgotten how to cook). Tomato and sausage pasta has never taste this good. The next morning again was another early start with the temp reading minus 1.5 (we were a little cold).

Bike dashboard showing subzero temperatures

Luckily by the middle of the day we had hit double figures. We drove nearly 700km and the change in scenery was astounding. At first it looked like South African savannah and then it changed to jungle.

Along the route we got stuck behind a number of trucks. We decided to do as locals do and followed their driving rules. Not a good idea….. after a seven hundred peso fine we were both feeling a little tender. We were just really happy that we didn’t have to collect our license the next day as they were threatening to keep it for the evening.

At 7pm just after sunset we arrived in Iguazu. I was so tired I fell asleep before dinner.

The next day brought the most spectacular sights. We will be filling you in on these soon….

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Bolivian altiplano…. bring on Iguazu

  1. Nice bird sanctuary on the Brazilian side, just before the falls – I loved it just for the happy toucans. But probably not worth crossing the border just for that! Ride safe now 🙂

  2. Andy Cluver

    Wish I was there !!

    Love ,

  3. Alex Cluver

    I love Iguassu. Cant wait to see your pics of it. Interesting on Bolivia, really want to see some of the sights but good to know that it is otherwise a little lacking…

  4. Michelle

    We went to iguazu! Lots of really good steak houses and try to find the cool waterfall rapelling!

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