La Paz to Potosi… another incredible journey that answers many a question

People often ask me if I get bored sitting on the back of a bike, what do I see, do I sleep and do I ever drive?
This journey between La Paz and Potosi answers a lot of those questions.

This is the typical view that I have from the right side of the bike looking forward. I just love this photograph for the stark beauty of the lanscape with the floating cloud formations.

Firstly there is no way I could sleep as I need to keep balanced otherwise I could topple the bike…. that is one of the things about travelling on a bike…. you need to always be aware…. even if you are just sitting on the back. Andy and I also have a speaker system that allows us to chat to each other while riding which has really revolutionised our travels.

This is the typical view from the left side looking forward. Notice the change in the landscape from the previous photograph. This was only about 100km further on.

Do I drive… the easy answer is no because my legs are not long enough and I can’t reach the peddles. The longer answer is more difficult. I don’t really know if I would be brave enough to do it. I have so much trust in Andrew’s ability that I don’t really need to think about whether I would be able to. I know that when we hit really hard sections that I am fine and that I can manage, but whether I would be able to ride the whole thing on my own… I’m not sure. We have met one couple on 2 bikes and have read a blog of another couple. I really do admire those girls. Maybe if I was bigger I would feel differently? Who knows…. luckily the short legs save me from having to face this dilemma…..

Colours in the rock that were spectacular

What is really amazing about travelling on a bike is feeling your environment. It might sound strange but feeling the temperature changes and wind really helps you to understand what the land is actually like. The disadvantages of this are the cold and the stress that you put on your body…. but I suppose you can’t have everything.

Basic mud houses at over 4000 meters above sea level

Not having to concentrate on the road also gives me so much time to just observe. The landscapes are so dramatic and different. As we drive past I see the most amazing things. From little children playing soccer, to birds on the side of the road, to cloud formations, to rainbow coloured mountains, pink lakes, old women chatting to their friends….. I often wish that I could just blink my eyes and take a photograph to capture some of the beautiful things I have been privileged to see.

I’ve naimed this the Orange Canyon

Being independent is something that both of us really appreciate. We haven’t had to look at a clock pretty much the whole trip. We measure our days by how much sunlight is left, if we feel tired we sleep, if we are sick we stay longer, if we are feeling good we drive further. We also mostly get all the sights to ourselves… very special.

It is now less than 2000km till Buenos Aires…….homeward bound we are

So why bike? Yes it is dangerous but there are so many advantages….. and I just feel so privileged to have been able to experience so many spectacular things.

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11 thoughts on “La Paz to Potosi… another incredible journey that answers many a question

  1. Love the idea of taking a photo by just blinking your eyes – I was having that feeling so much yesterday I know exactly what you mean. Great posts, as always! 🙂

  2. Cathy Johnstone

    Hey guys enjoying your trip!! wish I was there.. ok I would have my own wheels!!

  3. Emily

    You’re totally AMAZING Cath! Enjoy the countdown of your incredible adventure! Sending lots of love to you both, xxx

  4. Sue

    Oh no! I want to cry! Don’t finish this trip! Every morning I wake up excited to read the next part! Can you just continue your blog of your everyday life at home? I love your descriptions and stories! Safe journey homr Cathy and Andrew! Lots of love

  5. Deborah Morrison

    Great to get moment news. Enjoy the home bound stretch xoxo

    • Deborah Morrison

      Sorry ment to say more… iPad and predictive txt sorry about that xoxo

  6. Buenas Cathy and Andrew, I am enjoying your travel log from my island home of Guam. I have been home now since Monday June 25 and I am now rested and adjusting to to my home in the tropic after my Peru adventure into Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu. Take care and be safe

  7. Ameera

    Hi Cathy! ReAllllly glad u had and still havin this amazing experience!! We missed u way toooooooooo much tho:( super glad u will be coming home soon:) travel safe my friend!

  8. Richard

    Hi Cathy, great post (as well as all the others) nothing wrong with your legs, at least they are longer than Bella’s!

  9. Doug Lawson

    Short legs? They’ve always seemed about right to me :=)

  10. lucie

    glad you’re having a lovely time, cous! safe journey homewards xx

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