Craziness in La Paz

Donkeys in the road

Traffic and pedestrians

Planes and taxis

Dogs and cars

And to think we were worried about the tread on our tires

Driving through La Paz was crazy!!!! The traffic was something else. Drivers don’t take any notice of lanes, let alone which side of the road you should drive on. Pedestrians and dogs think that the roads were made for them. One way roads are everywhere…. I think you are getting the idea.

Dinner with travelling friends. From the left it is Debs, then Andy, Jean-Louise and Alex (bikers we met in Copacabana who just happened to walk into the same restaurant as us in La Paz) and on the right is Dean. I’m taking the photo 🙂

Both Andrew and I had been feeling homesick and were really excited to be meeting up with Debbie and Dean in La Paz, friends that we had met on the Navimag ferry in Chile. By an absolute miracle and thanks to the GPS we found Debbie and Dean. We had a wonderful time catching up on travel stories, touring the city and enjoying each other’s company.

View of La Paz with the snow capped mountain in the background

La Paz is different. It has a beautiful setting under a snow capped mountain but is such a clash of the senses. There are beautiful run down colonial buildings, exquisite cathedrals, streets covered in rubbish, beggars in the restaurants, stalls selling chicken feet, tourist shops selling beautiful fabrics, witches markets selling dried llama fetuses…. I think you get the idea.

The Cathedral

Chiken feet etc for sale in the markets

Riots in La Paz

We walked past a riot in the street, then past photographers in a square who still use the old box cameras. We saw the outside of a prison that is run by the prisoners with guards only on the outside. Families are allowed to live with the prisoners if they have enough money, children then enter and leave the prison to go to school…. so different to what we are used to.

Our hotel didn’t have a hairdryer so I went to have my hair washed in a salon (it had been quite a few days and I had been wearing a thick band over my head for a very good reason). This was very entertaining…. I ended up walking out looking like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde… Andrew even nicknamed me Puff.

The bike and the most dangerous road in the world

The next day we had planned to ride the most dangerous road in the world. I woke up with a throat that felt like it had been dragged over sandpaper so spent the day in bed. Andy had a very exciting day. After just starting to head down the most dangerous road in the world an alarm light went off on the bike. The bike was out of oil!!!!! So my husband then decided to freewheel a GS1200 motorbike down the most dangerous road in the world. All I can say is that I am really happy that I was not pillioning on that ride.

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5 thoughts on “Craziness in La Paz

  1. Rosemary

    La Paz certainly sounds exciting and “alive”! But the chicken feet…. not too sure about these – did you taste them? Cathy – can just picture you with the hairstyle… Take care and enjoy.

    • Cathy

      We had chcken foot soup which was really a bt gross… I was so hungry I was about to take big spoonfull and then Andrew asked if I knew what I was eating and he pulled out a whole chicken foot with claws and everything….. I lost my appetite quicky after that

  2. Nicole

    Cath, I so can picture the hairstyle. Enjoy !!!

  3. Deborah Morrison

    sorry… above was suppose to be from me not Dean:) sure he would have said the same:)

  4. Dean Morrison

    Great entry:) Sure was great hanging out with you both! miss you lots xoox

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