Puno, police and the burial towers of Sillustani

So after a wonderful time in Machu Picchu and Cusco we started our journey to Bolivia. The ride was beautiful and again we were up at 4000 meters above sea level. It is amazing that people can actually live up there in very basic houses with no heating.

Road to Puno at 4000 meters above sea level

Along the way we drove through a police stop (one of the many we have previously just driven through), so when Andrew asked if they were blowing whistles at us I said no I was sure it wasn’t for us. Five kilometres down the road when the flashing lights caught up with us we were a little nervous. Luckily after a difficult discussion in Spanish we had sorted it all out and showed them our international drivers licence, our bike passport (which we got at the border), our third party insurance and all the registration papers. I think they were a little disappointed that we had everything in order :).

Sillustani burial towers….. they think this one was blasted open by grave robbers

Sillustani tower at sunset

The delay meant that we got to the Sillustani burial towers at sunset. These towers were built by the Colla people and held the remains of complete families. When the towers were excavated mummies were found inside the tombs. I had a wonderful time taking photographs and the view was spectacular.

Lakes seen from the top of the hill at Sillustani

The only problem was that when we left Sillustani and arrived in Puno (which was 30km away) we arrived in the dark. I thought I had found the perfect hotel…. (Alex I think you would definitely agree). It was a five star hotel right on lake Titikaka with beautiful views (or so I thought in the dark). Andrew didn’t quite agree …. and so we headed into the town of Puno and much to my disappointment found a very reasonably priced hotel (R180 for the room) with an ensuite (and hot water), cable TV, breakfast and the bike was allowed to sleep in the hotel lobby…. so I really had no leg to stand on for us to return to the five star hotel.

Bike accomodation…… I think she is getting quite used to sleeping insdie hotels

The town of Puno itself was frantic so we decided to head straight for Cococobana in Bolivia. Being the tour guide I happily told Andrew that we could see the floating islands from Cococobana (oops)…..
So we headed to the border driving along lake Titikaka not quite believing that our time in Peru was over.

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5 thoughts on “Puno, police and the burial towers of Sillustani

  1. Wendy

    Yup luckily you guys always play by the book..foiled the cops !!!
    Sounds like after all these clean basic but hot water stories you need to splash out a little on luxurious style and pamper kind of vibe …I’m sure u could twist Andrews arm!

  2. Deborah Morrison

    Miss you guys already! So fab to catch up. Hope you have a great last month. Keep in touch xoxo

  3. David Cluver

    I don’t like to think you are wending your way back as I will miss these fantasic bulletins of your journey!

  4. Alex Cluver

    boo for no five stars 🙂 but i guess if it is clean and has hot water – that is already a good thing! I am in germany again for quick visit to dad who has finally made it home! See you guys soon!

  5. tracey

    the joy of traffic officials seems to know no creed nor county!

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