Where are we now…..

Here are 2 maps to give a bit of an idea of where we have been and where we are now.

We have travelled 13 000km, replaced one back tire, one electronic fuel pump and one slave cylinder. Luckily we haven’t had to replace a rider or pillion…even though at times I have felt like I could do with a replacement!!!!!!

The first picture is an overall idea of where we have stayed over the past 3 and a bit months.

The blue markers are where we have stayed. I like the blob in the middle of the ocean (even though we didn’t drive there!!!!)

This one is a more detailed look at where we have been since we left Santiago.

Blue tags are where we have stayed and the red line is the route we have travelled.

One and a half months left….. Can’t believe time is going so quickly.
I hope you are enjoying the blog half as much as we are enjoying writing it.
Thank you also for all the comments. Andy and I get so excited when we hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “Where are we now…..

  1. Ok we will need an update of the map when you guys are done…!

  2. charliesbird

    Your blog is amazing, and I’m sure your journey is even done justice by it! Keep us posted, and drooling with envy!

  3. will

    Amazing trip

  4. Nicole

    am loving your blog !!! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Peru and Bolivia. It is so special

  5. Kevin Kevany

    Seriously far. Take care and come home in one piece. Bestest.

  6. Deborah Morrison

    love the stories and pics and would be even better if we get to catch up before you leave South America! lots of love and be in touch xoox

  7. Vikki

    Love the photo at the top of your current post – you look so beautiful and relaxed!!Enjoy the extension of your time away -you lucky things-how Luc and I – wish it were us!!!One day….
    Much love,

  8. Sue & Dave Macfarlane

    Hi Cathy & Andrew – we are really enjoying hearing about your exploits! You two are amazing … stay safe and continue to enjoy this trip of a lifetime. Really like this recent post tracking your progress. Much love Sue & Dave xxx

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