Goodbye Chile, Hello Peru

After leaving the Atacama desert we headed directly north through more desert landscape. I must admit that I am much happier now that the temperature has warmed up a bit.

From the Atacama we hit Iquique. Iquique is right on the coast and has the biggest sand dune I have ever seen behind it. It is bright orange and the thing that I find really amazing is that there is a tar road which winds all the way up it and the street lights on it are solar powered. Impressive!!

Close to Iquique (about 40km) is the deserted nitrate mining town of Humberstone…. Andy at first wasn’t that excited to visit it but managed to change his mind when we got there. So much so that after 4 hours of walking around we were still enjoying ourselves. There is something eerie about seeing an empty town from 50 years ago that was just left because someone in Europe could make what they were mining cheaper than what it cost to mine.

The deserted town of Humberstone

One of the many workshops just left in the desert….. I can’t quite imagine how much it must have cost to build this here a hundred years ago

Humberstone tower

The tennis court

The second artistic shot

The swimming pool and grandstand

Accomodation for single males

From there we hit Arica. We have recently been seeing a lot of mummies. There is a museum here which had the most spectacular displays of the oldest mummies in the world. ( I wasn’t allowed to take photographs). I was really moved with how they even mummified the smallest fetuses from miscarriages.

The next day we crossed the border without a problem (or at least after visiting at least 7 different counters) and we said goodbye to Chile.

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One thought on “Goodbye Chile, Hello Peru

  1. jakub

    Wow, incredible pictures. Looks like a post apocalyptic movie set. Those sand sculptures are incredible ! Enjoy Peru

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