In search of the best Pisco Sour

Enjoying a Pisco Sour on Easter Island

So it seems that both Peru and Chile consider the Pisco Sour to be their national drink. So of course it has to be our job to decide who makes the best one.
What is a Pisco Sour you may ask…… well it depends who you ask……
A Pisco Sour is a cocktail usually served in a champagne glass and the basic ingredients are Pisco and lime juice. Pisco being a very strong grape brandy. Now comes the difference. The Chileans serve a Pisco Sour with lime juice, syrup and Chilean Pisco (from the Elqui Valley). The yummiest ones that I have had so far have a sugar rimmed glass.
The Peruvians use lime juice, syrup, egg white, Peruvian Pisco and Angostura bitters as a garnish.
So at present I am a bit biased as I have only tasted one or two Peruvian Pisco Sours but I must say at this stage my heart (or taste buds) belong to with Chile.

The Elqui Valley

To really understand Chilean Pisco we went deep into the Elqui Valley and spent two glorious days there. We went to the oldest Pisco distillery in Chile and went on a Spanish tour (didn’t understand much of it but tasting the different types of Pisco at the end was fun…..Andrew’s face was quite something…..they were a little too strong for him).
Chile is also famous for star gazing as it has the most nights of open skies and really good weather. We managed to do a night visit to an observatory and had an unforgettable evening there. It sort of puts everything into perspective when you realise how small we are.

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7 thoughts on “In search of the best Pisco Sour

  1. Eve

    I had a Peruvian style pisco sour at a dinner party for the first time the other day. I had never heard of them before. Can’t say I have tasted a Chilean one…… Yet! Love the photo of you at the tasting! Wish I was there

  2. Trevor

    Hi Andy and Cat

    I knew you would enjoy Pisco sours!!! It’s such a refereshing drinkl. On Bron’s last visit to Chile she bought me a bottle of Pisco (based on a Easter Island statue) and have to say we have really enjoyed it together.

    Safe travels……

    Catch up soon.

    • Cathy

      Hi Trev and Bron

      It is because of you guys that we had to start the Pisco sour exporation!!!!!
      Thank you so much for all your comments
      xx C

    • Andrew

      Hey, we went to Elqui Valley where the Pisco is actually made, really cool to see what the fuss was all about 🙂 Cath can drink it straight, but I battle! I did this cool mountain bike ride in a place called Devils Gorge, San pedro de atacama. You ride a few kilo into a Indiana jones type gorge….. I took a different route home and ended up doing a 4 hour desert crossing extravaganza after nightfall, on a shitty bike with no food!

  3. Rosemary

    The Pisco Sours sound great!Again beautiful photography of Elqui Valley – what lovely places you are seeing. Take care & enjoy!

    • Cathy

      Rose Rose, I am missing you. Thank you again for working so hard while I have been away. Without your hard work this would not be possible. Thank you. You are amazing xxx C

  4. Nancy Seibel

    Totally inspiring!!! As I will be starting my two year contract in Santiago this July…and Pisco Sours are an important cultural integration item! Bravo for your attention and recommendation for this unique Chilean beverage! Thoroughly enjoying your blog! Do plan a return visit to Santiago! I’m negotiating an outstanding apartment with great city and mountain views! You will be welcome to return…with or without your 2-up status! Ten cuidado y con carinon! Nancy

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