The last days in Santiago

The slave cylinder is in the country and we should have it by tomorrow!!!!

Hopefully we will be getting north soon to warmer weather. It has been very interesting watching the weather change here. When we first arrived there were yellow leaves on all the trees and I could get away with wearing a skirt and strops. We are now wearing tracksuit pants and hiking boots (again quite a fashion statement).
We have had a great few days here. Our accommodation has been interresting. We have been staying at a backpackers (Andrew’s worst nightmare) for a few reasons. They have luggage storage (for all our stuff while the bike has been in the garage), they have 24hr reception (we arrived back at Santiago at 3 in the morning after the Amazon trip), it is affordable and they have a great breakfast. The bad part is the travellers. One can’t believe that people can behave like this (or maybe I am just getting old). I had to listen to a drunk couple fighting outside our bedroom last night (about who said what…. I’m not even sure what the “what” was!). The guy then proceeded to cry for 2 hours…. I eventually decided that I couldn’t go out and see what was wrong as I was convinced he had done something to his partner and I didn’t want to get involved in the middle of a criminal investigation…..but when the sun was up it seemed as if the fight had not even happened??!!!!, the night before I had to get up at 2am to tell 4 people that I really didn’t care if they preferred margarine or butter at this time of night (you have to wonder what people are talking about).
The days have been pretty good though. We visited the Santiago house of Pablo Nerudo (the Nobel winning poet… we visited his other house in Valparaiso) and again I was inspired. I took the photo’s below outside his house. Sadly one could not take photo’s in the house. We spent lots of hours in coffee shops and even went to see a movie (don’t bother seeing Battleships).
Keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow

Portrait with a seashell for hair

Big fish eats small fish…..

Made me think of the owl house for some reason

Mural of white battleheads

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4 thoughts on “The last days in Santiago

  1. jakub

    Love the Hammerhead people !

  2. Alex Cluver

    ha ha – travellers. Lets face it – we are all not 20 anymore – BUT i dont think i would have ever cared for a margerine vs butter conversation at 4am 🙂

    • BC

      You two are getting old!!!! its the perfect time to debate margarine vs butter!!!!!

  3. wow what beautiful murals! i can see the owl house too! i hope you’re getting inspired for back here? 🙂
    fingers crossed for slave trade cylinder x x x

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