Leaving Santiago

After almost 3 weeks off the bike, we are on the road again. Most of the ‘down time’ though has involved indulging in wonderful activities like Easter Island and Amazon jungling 🙂

Our silver steed is back on the straight and narrow with a spanking new rear tyre and functional clutch. We trust that after paying good money for the new slave cylinder, we should see great return. Writing this post 1300km from Santiago, so far so good 🙂 Jokes aside, the bike is performing superbly hauling both of us safely across miles and miles of desert road.

New back tire

Brand new slave cylinder

Very happy husband

The scenery has changed drastically and we are deep in desert-like terrain with vistas of nothingness interspersed with closely packed mountains of rock filled to the brim with mineral wealth; much of which Chile is busily digging out! There are innumerable small tracks leading off into this desert, well maintained dirt roads actually, clearly for the sole purpose for commuting mining equipment! This explains why Chile is the largest copper producing nation in the world!

Heading for the desert….. the landscape has changed dramatically

We head inland tomorrow for our first taste of altitude driving and salt plains…..

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Santiago

  1. Deborah Morrison

    great stuff! sounds as though you are well. glad the bike is back in order. Where to next? are we ever going to catch up with you guys? xoxo

  2. will

    Absolutely amazing journey and adventure. I love the pictures and the ability to handle all the curveballs with the bike. Travel safe. Cheers

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