Through wine lands to Santiago

Early morning walking through the vines on our way to breakfast

So after the volcano ascent (still with stiff legs) we started on our way to Santiago. We have found a really useful little booklet which has recommended little hotels in it which has been brilliant. Anyone thinking about coming to Chile should pick up a copy. From this booklet we found the most amazing accommodation on a wine farm in the middle of the wine district. The red grapes were delicious and the Chardonnay was so delicious that we managed to drink a whole bottle (which is quite something for Andrew!!!!).

Autumn colours in the vineyards… the yellow blip is me dressed in full rain gear

We then carried on north and stayed in another beautiful little hotel which served only vegetarian food much to Andrew’s horror. But he was actually quite surprised at how yummy the food was.

From there we headed up to Santiago (this is where the clutch started to give troubles detailed in Andrew’s post “Mechanical failure 3”). Santiago has been fun. We spent an afternoon and evening walking around, exploring the markets (and buying a pair of earrings), we caught the funicular to the Sanctiuary of the Virgin Mary, we walked the Parque Forestal and generally felt like good tourists.
Tomorrow we head off to Easter Island. I am SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Walking through the Parque Forestal…. so beautiful

Santiago… the top of the funicular

Santiago…. a mix of old and new

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4 thoughts on “Through wine lands to Santiago

  1. Great reading guys! ps, if it’s not too late, try picking up a Hidenau tyre for the rear of the GS… seems like you might appreciate a 50/50 type with a bit of extra grip?! The MotoAdventures shop in Santiago is the main importer in South America. Great tyre, and lasts too!

  2. Emily

    Looks stunning! I have just spent such a lovely time catching up on all your recent posts – you guys are having an unbelievable time and making us very envious (I think I can see C turning a lighter shade of green!). Cath – you are amazing! I am totally impressed! Sending lots of love to you guys – hope you are having a blast on Easter Island. xxx

  3. Nancy Seibel

    Love your blog! Your Dad (we met on the water taxi in Bangkok) gave me the link. I move to Santiago, Chile in July for a two year contract at Nido de Aguilas International School in Lo Barnechea. Needless to say I’m thrilled to follow your adventures! Nancy

  4. David Cluver

    Hi folks

    Really great reading about all your adventures. Andrew – I am amazed how you have kept the bike going despite all the problems, bad roads and conditions. Having ONCE picked up my 1150 on my own I know what a feat it was to pull your 1200 out of that river and get it up again. And Cathy – wow – I’m proud that I share some of your genes!

    Enjoy the Easter Island break.



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