Volcanic ash and the seven lakes

Driving the pass with volcanic ash on either side of the road. Grey everywhere.

So after a few days of amazing horseback riding we set off on the motorbike this time for Argentina to the land of the seven lakes. We went across an amazing pass and were quite surprised at the greyness of the area. As it turns out last year on the 6th of June Volcano Puyehue erupted and covered the seven lakes area, especially Villa la Angostura, with ash. Now almost a year later one can still see the ash.

When we arrived in Villa la Angostura we went to more than 5 places looking for accommodation. Before the volcanic eruption it was known as the Garden of the seven lakes.

A shot of the Pass as it winds down the mountain.... a really lovely drive

It is still beautiful but one can see the devastation that the volcanic ash has caused. There are still piles of ash on eitherside of the road and there is even ash which has solidified on the roofs. We eventually found a beautiful place to stay. Diego our host was amazing and really looked after us well. He told us about the volcano eruption and how it had affected this beautiful little town. A lot of the guesthouses had shutdown and a number of the shops had also closed. We were really lucky as he said that they had only been able to see the view for 20 days before we arrived. Before that the sky was all grey. Diego explained how they had to clean and clean and clean and that a few hours later it looked as if one had not even started cleaning. We spent four nights here as Andy got the flu and was bed bound. This gave me some time to do some organising for our Easter Island trip and our Amazon adventure (and we are so excited that Doug and Pat are joining us).

Once Andrew was better we then drove the seven lakes. The scenery again was beautiful and it was really a wonderful day on the bike.

River crossing with the yellow leaves of autumn..... luckily we crossed on a bridge

We went across another pass (this time from Argentina to Chilie) and along the way there was a turnoff to a viewpoint (on dirt) and a river crossing. I think I made andrew a bit nervous about it and we got of the bike to investigate and while we were investingating the silver steed decided to go for a swim in the river.

The river where the bike decided that she needed a swim...... on her side

So we rushed across the river, luckily saved all our electronics and then Andrew managed to lift the bike fully loaded out of the river. QUITE SOMETHING!!!!!. (Sorry Dad….. there is a small little dent on the one side panier).  We then crossed the river on the bike (turned out to be a really easy crossing and headed down to the viewpoint. We made a cup of tea and started chatting to four local Argentiians who had left their wives at home and come to the lake for an asado (braai in South African terms). They very kindly invited us to join them and we had a wonderful afternoon eating delicious asado and communicating with Andrew’s Spanish and my sign language. Very entertaining

From there we crossed the border into Chile to a town called Pucon where we could see the infamous volcano Villarica smoldering in the background…. more about that in the next post.

One of the better gravel roads on the pass to Chile. The photo below is the view to left of the bike.

View from the bike while crossing back into Chilie....... Volcano Lanin is in the background

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9 thoughts on “Volcanic ash and the seven lakes

  1. jakub

    beautiful scenery !!! I think Jake and I are gonna have to plan a trip to South America after reading your blog- its inspiring ! luv w

  2. Rosemary

    Hi Cathy & Andrew. Wow! your trip seems to be neverending excitement – beautiful country and even more beautiful photography. Really do miss you but will not bore you with dreary details of work.Enjoy every minute. Love Rose

    • Cathy

      Hi Rose rose. So lovely to hear from you. Mising you. xxx C

  3. Christopher

    Your trip is inspirational with incredible photo’s and stories. Let me know when you head back to Rio Grande to catch another fish 🙂

  4. Poor BMW !! Did you take any photos of her ” underwater” adventure ?

  5. Deborah Morrison

    Continue to enjoy. Wish we could have made it to easter island. Enjoy and hope to catch up before you head back to SA xoxo

  6. Sue & Dave Macfarlane

    Cathy & Andrew
    We are so much enjoying following your trip. Thank goodness for the technology that allows us to see what you are up to! It is absolutely fascinating – you look like are having the trip of a lifetime. Well done for having the courage to explore the world. With our love Sue & Dave – UK xxx
    P.S. Your bedroom is ready if you ever get to Englan

    • Cathy

      Hi Dave and Sue. It is so lovely hearing from you and we are so happy you are enjoying the blog. We will def take you up on the offer of a bedroom. At the moment we are in a tent so a bedroom sounds super wonderful!!!!! xxxx

  7. Alex Cluver

    wow awesome. We were lucky enough to go to villa la angustora pre volcano – beautiful area!

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