Where are we?

Just a little map to show where we have been in the past month and a half……. and if you want a really good laugh have a look at this video of Andrew singing “We built this city on Rock and Roll on the Navimag”



Route we have travelled so far....... Blue is where we he stayed,gren is the route in rgentia and yelo is the route in Chile

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10 thoughts on “Where are we?

  1. Songvei

    Thank you for sharing these memories. All my love Songvei

  2. Deborah Morrison

    loving the updates! great work and sure hope we will cross paths again xoxo

  3. Michelle K.

    Mendoza was amazing for Matt & I! If you need a place to stay go to Tikay lodge in Maipu just outside of the main city. You should also go to Vines of Mendoza for some tastings… you’ll love it since you’re into wine! Let me know if you want more suggestions since we were just there and I’ll email you!

    • Cathy

      More suggestions would be super. How long did you guys stay there and what else did you get up to? Any good restaurants????

  4. Brian

    Looks like it is time to head back to Argentina. Thierry is in mendoza till the end of May. Just be careful on the pass. Scariest drive of my life!!!

    • Cathy

      Brilliant. We will def contact him for a visit. The passes are so beautiful….. but hectic as you say. Mising you lots xxxxxxx Maybe com join us in the jungle?????

  5. lyn

    Hi Cath! Been following your blog closely and with much envy. Leaving Sat for Peru to start Inca trail 27th April. Any chance u & Andrew will b in that part of the woods by then. How awesome it would b to see u guys…

    Looks like u’re having such an adventure!

    • Cathy

      WOW!!! That would be so so amazing. Please end your itinery and we can see if we can meet up. We are flying to Easter Island on the 27th and will be back in Santigo on the 3rd. We are looking at doing an Iquitos jungle trip after that. Would be so great to see you.

  6. tracey

    Jeez – you’re certainly covering lots of ground! Your pics are so beautiful!

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