Torres del Paine conquered by half of the two up

(7th April 2012…This happened  before we caught the Navimag ferry…. I am trying to catch up after all the days with no internet)

So the elusive Torres was finally conquered by my husband. We had tried to visit this park three times but were thwarted by rain, wind and finally the last straw for me being snow. But none of these was enough to stop my husband.

The Torres del Paine peaks at sunset

I don’t think I quite realised the toll that the riding had taken on me until we had decided in the heavy wind to try and make one last attempt to get to the Torres del Paine park. We were half an hour into the journey and I realised that it was finally a bit too much for me. (The wind was howling and all I could see were rain clouds) So my darling husband actually turned around, dropped me off at the backpackers and hit Torres on his own. I think if he had not taken me back there may have been a crying pillion on the back of the bike……

I had a great day reading, resting and cooking bobotie for all the backpackers in our wonderful backpackers called Shakana.

I really needed time to digest the snow storm followed by the snow riding, the howling wind and subzero temps. When we were riding in the snow storm 2 days before I can honestly say that I have never been that cold before. There was nowhere to stop and if we did stop we would have just gotten colder. By the time we finally reached civilization I couldn’t feel my feet…. it took 3 minutes of jumping up and down before the pins and needles started. The thought of even trying to ride again then was really too much for me and I can say with 100% certanty that I don’t regret not getting to Torres.


Lima on the side of the road...Also seen was a red fox and a skunk.

Andy on the other hand was in top form as per usual. (I can’t quite believe how he justs takes everything on….. but I suppose I really shouldn’t be that surprised)  He managed to get to Torres (3 hour ride… the last bit on dirt), do an 8 hour hike in 4 hours to the Torres peaks (the end in the dark), he then camped in subzero temps, had an ice cold shower, woke at 5 the next morning and still got back the next day by 12 (and by the time he got back he was even frozen and very hungry). He did manage to get some pretty awesome photo’s…..

Blue lake, blue mountains and blue sky

Road to Torres del Paine

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4 thoughts on “Torres del Paine conquered by half of the two up

  1. jakub

    andrew thats amazing … are you sure you are not going manic out there in the fierce torres del paine !! am not surprised though from very courageous and wild friends ! well done and beautiful. Cath well done for staying home (for a change ). One intuitively knows when to leave the wild dog on its own sometimes …
    xx all our love and missing you guys a lot
    please come home eventually

  2. Andrew

    Hey, coming down the mountain that night was really spooky. It was full moon with a Patagonian night sky filled with crazy cloud formations, and surprisingly, not ice cold. Hardly even needed a headlamp to show me the way!

  3. nicole

    My darling friend, I totally understand that you needed some time out. I am glad you two are having this amazing adventure together, what a priviledge

  4. jakub

    Wow that is straight out of National Geographic ! Very fierce looking peaks. Well done Andrew, would not expect anything less from you

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