Fashion alert…. the latest from Patagonia

I have as per usual had a number of people stopping me asking me how I have managed to so get the look for this season’s Autumn so spot on… see the picture below. I’m sure this will be hitting the catwalks of Paris and Milan VERY soon.

Windblown chalten

The hair style takes at least 80km per hour winds

If only I was a little taller

If only I was a little taller

So I thought I would give you all an idea of how to get this amazing look going…..;)

Step one: Eat as much argentinean steak, pappa frittas (french fries), cheesy pasta and pizza (not to mention empanada’s and chocolate) so that one can master the rounded adpipose look which is the essential undergarment for this outfit.

Step two: Layering is key…for the feet: at least three pairs of socks followed by thick leather riding boots, then on the legs… leggings, followed by thermals, followed by tracksuit pants, followed by thick leather pants, followed by a thick layer of plastic (and my feeling for this autumn is that the plastic must be yellow, orange or black). For the torso… start with a shoe-string top, then a thermal layer, then a teeshirt, then a black tight jersey, then a second black jersey, then a navy fleece (Nicole kindly donated this one to the cause), followed by a very thick leather jacket with lining in situ topped off by jellow plastic body suite. For the neck one can be inventive.. my feeling is that a blue fleece buff works well. For the head a bright yellow and orange helmet finished the look. Hands need at least two pairs of gloves.

Good luck….

Swimwear line

Yes... I know I'm gorgeous dressed in this ;))

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6 thoughts on “Fashion alert…. the latest from Patagonia

  1. tracey

    I was already dressing like that in the 90’s you cheat! Happy Easter!

  2. Dingo Morrison

    love the story Cath :))

  3. jakub

    wow it looks like theres nothing out there …when you stand by that sign I imagine lots of motels made of wood and inn keepers with dirty finger nails frying chips and eating all day swearing at the staff… (sorry dont know where that image came from !)… that scene in the snow near the border is amazing can imagine the cold and relief when you hop in a hot bath ! well done for making it safely! you guys look great in snow gear you might aswell both put on at least 5 kilos to insulate against the cold- you guys could do with it ! my vet friend once said she ate a hamster in patagonia (!!! ) before she became a vet of course .. .we wont tell lex …
    looks like you’re having a blast .. keep up the cool blogs .. and good driving ..

    lots luv w , j , a

  4. Tammy Harvie

    Ha ha, you look great! x

  5. jenny butt

    Hi Cath
    I am so enjoying reading your posts! Looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I’m sure we are missing you more than you are missing us!!! Hope you left the Easter bunny a detailed map of where to find you!
    Happy Easter
    love jen

  6. Love it! you go girl Thanks for the great updates

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