Glacier Ice Wall Climbing: Andrew’s dream….not quite mine !!!!

So if glacier hiking is not enough for you….try ice climbing. So ice picks in hand, helmets on head (which I am now used to after all the riding….except luckily this helmet was a little bit more flattering for photo’s) and crampons on feet we headed out to attack the ice walls of glacier Viedma on what is called the “Viedma Pro”.

In the process of wondering what on earth I am doing climbing up an iced wall with two ice picks......

A very nervous ice climber getting ready to attack her first ice wall....

So as you all know I am not quite as adventurous as my wild husband but do enjoy a bit of excitement…. so glacier ice climbing it was. After my first wall I decided that photography was a much better “sport” and much more up my street and luckily I had a camera and not an iPad this time…..

Andrew on the other hand decided that he VERY much liked this new sport. To the extent that by the end of the day I was terrified when he went abseiling down into ice blue crevices. Luckily he was the best ice climber there (afterwards I think the company wanted to employ him as a guide) so he managed to fly up the ice walls…. a little too fast to get the perfect picture so I had to send him back down (now the photographer “alias” and taken over from the terrified wife “alias”) to do it again a little slower so I could get the perfect photo.

Almost at the top

The ice climber in action

The pro at work. This wall was about 30 meters high. I was a very nervous wife watching this and was very glad to have a camera to distract myself

The day finished perfectly when we were given Baileys on glacier ice….

After a day of ice climbing a glass of Baileys with glacier ice is the best thing you could wish for. Not to mention a very happy wife as her husband made it up from all the deep blue crevasses

When we got back Andrew went racing off to the ice-climbing, rock climbing, mountain climbing blue building and asked if there was more serious hectic climbing that he could do. They then offered him a three day summit of one of the hectic mountain peaks…. all I can say is that I am really happy that the weather is windy at the moment otherwise I’m sure he would have been summiting mountain peaks with ice pick in hand….

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20 thoughts on “Glacier Ice Wall Climbing: Andrew’s dream….not quite mine !!!!

  1. Okay – this is seriously epic. The pic of Andrew scaling the ice wall?! Come on! Amazing.

  2. This is just ridiculously awesome. The wide shot of Andrew on the ice wall is epic…

    Great to meet you two!

  3. Rosemary

    Cathy!!! That wall climbing sounds terrifying! Do enjoy all this exciting stuff – definately a trip you will never forget. Do take care.

  4. Good Grief you chaps are making our lives seem VERY boring (& easy 🙂 ).
    I think if I was you I’d have a little hip flask of Baileys attached to me at all times!! ha ha..
    Loving your news & photos! xxx

    • Cathy

      My spindle…. how are gorgeous Samantha and Jamie. Missing you xxxx

  5. You guys have got serious guts! I thought I was brave bungee jumping in New Zealand ,but this takes the cake! Enjoy!

    • Cathy

      Jen…. I culd never bungee jump…and I reall didn’t do that much climbing 😉

    • Cathy

      Jen…. I culd never bungee jump…and I really didn’t do that much climbing 😉

  6. Aarjan

    crikey cath, you have done well to get so close to the edge to get that shot! I dont think I could’ve done that, well at least not without some Dutch courage… Did you say Baileys was served at the start?

  7. Man I also want to do that!! 🙂

    Loving the posts. Will be seeing Andy and Brian over the weekend. Seeing you will not be here I will eat your easter eggs!!

    Lots of love

    • Andrew

      Well, if you eat our eggs, I will beat you at the next W2W! :):)
      The ice climbing is super fun – in fact, I tried to do a 3 day climb but the weather closed in so badly that the mountain guide guy said we could not go!
      Happy Easter to you !

  8. jakub

    Awesome photos ! Looks like hectic stuff !

    • Andrew

      Hey, if you guys have a Russian hamster in the house, we have 2 Mossad agents up in Jhb. They are terrorising the geese, eating up a storm and trying to take over the suburb!
      They need a Lex to cool their ardour!
      We did some serious snow driving today – will try to load a go pro vid of some of it – very scary slithering on ice!

  9. Alex Cluver

    amazing pics – looks incredible. I bet paul would be all over this aswell!

    • Cathy

      I think we should maybe keep them apart otherwise we would bothbe husbandless while they went on holiday attacking the highest ice climbs… but on the ther hand I’m sure we could have some fun while they were away 😉

  10. Wow!….you guys really are on an adventure of a lifetime!! 😀

    • Andrew

      Got a great pic of the GS in snow – would this work for your collection?

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