Kayaking with icebergs at Upsala Glacier

I don’t quite know how to put into words the experiences that we have had over the past few days. After literally being blown across the road and nearly off the bike we arrived in Puerto Natales and had a sunset like this.

Then we headed to El Calafate. What a lovely little town… filled with amazing restaurants and great accommodation (Thank you Megs and Matt for the restaurant recommendation… the meat platter was the most tasty meat I have ever eaten).

First view of Upsala Glacier with my head covered by the blue buff

The next day we went kayaking at Glacier Upsala. They have only just started doing this excursion and we were the fifth group to do it. WOW!!!! Kayaking in ice cold water with massive ice bergs that have calved off from the glacier is something I will never forget.

Icebergs that have carved off from the Upsala Glacier

Exchanging leather for gortex waterproof ice kit 😉

The kit they gave us to wear was quite something. We had full thermal body suites, gortex suites, boots, life jackets and splashdecks. I can’t imagine how much the kit alone cost. We paddled around for about three hours (Andrew doing most of the paddling and me playing photographer and trying to tell him how to paddle…… poor husband!!!!)

The best Ice kayaking team.... one photographer and one paddler

We then camped at the best campsite I have ever stayed at called Lago Roca. They even had heaters in the bathrooms. We made a delicious supper and drank Malbec wine….

Another tough day travelling xxx

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13 thoughts on “Kayaking with icebergs at Upsala Glacier

  1. nvanesch

    We love the photos 🙂

    Michael, Claudia and Nick

  2. rosshofmeyr

    Ross’s theory of relationships: If it can survive a canoe/kayak, it can survive anything.

  3. wow wow wow amazing – it’s now on my bucket list of to do! What an amazing adveture ENJOY cannot wait for the next update

  4. jakub

    wow that is extremely beautiful kayaking suits you two! xxx wends and jake

  5. Megs

    Sounds amazing Cath, so glad you enjoyed the restaurant. Not sure if you guys are still in Calafate, but my Mom will be coming through there later today (evening of 01/04/2012) and then they are heading to Puerto Natales tomorrow. I think they are staying at Hotel Patagonia Queen… They have also loved their time in Patagonia! So envious of all you lucky travellers in such an awesome area 🙂

    • Cathy

      Hi Megsie
      We are in El Chalten and will be leaving on the 3rd so will be in El Calafate on the third. We then head to Torres del Paine and will be in Puerto Natales on the 9th.
      Any idea of your moms plans. Would so so love to see her

      • Megs

        Oh dear, sounds like you literally crossed paths! They are heading on a ferry trip from Puerto Natales up the fjords in Chile, then crossing to Bariloche on the 7th, 8th, 9th and then back up to Bs.As before heading home, so unlikely you’ll see them. Glad you enjoyed the glacier trip – isn’t it just unforgettable? Loads of love my friend xx M

        • Cathy

          We are catching the ame ferry exactlyone week later!!!!! Can’t believe it!!!!
          What a pity. Would have been so great to have been on he same boat.

          How is the tummy growig? So sad I am missing it. Please put a photo up on faceook or email me one.

  6. patricialawson

    Outrageous! I shiver every time I read your posts, Cathy, but my heart is melted when I see these beautiful photos of the glaciers on the water. Fantastic, serene, absolutely breathtaking. Love all of your photos.

  7. patricialawson

    Outrageous! It makes me so cold to read your posts! But the photos of the glaciers on the water are so spectacular that they melt away any misforgivings…

  8. Tanya

    Wow wow wow!!

  9. Lawson

    We found you on the map!!!! What a fantastic experience, Cath you look like the original Michelin Man in your kijacking garb!
    love Dad @ Mum

  10. lucie

    sounds great cous! Lots of love from all of us xx

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