iPad on ICE

Perito Moreno Glacier in the background

So after sleeping in the most lovely camping site (and nearly freezing my toes off in the middle of the night with my husband sleeping happily with less than half the amount of clothing on and a much thinner sleeping bag) we woke up an hour late… Now this is a bit of a problem when you have booked “The Big Ice” which involves catching a boat across Lago Roca to Perito Moreno  Glacier with 5 hours of hiking up to and on the glacier.

So we went into speed mode (which still takes a long time when you have to pack a campsite into a side panier) and we made it to the port with literally a few seconds to spare. I threw off my leathers and half put on my hiking kit and ran (I thought I ran but it probably looked more like a drunken stumble seeing I was half dressed with my laces undone) to the boat trying my bestest sweettalking while Andrew quickly parked the bike and tried to secure our belongings.

So we made it onto the boat with our passports, all our walking kit, sunglasses, lunch, drinks, waterproof kit, sunscreen, a laptop, an iPad, our wallet…. sounds like pretty much everything important EXCEPT our CAMERA and GOPRO.

So as we sail out of the port we look longingly across the ice cold water at our bike with our camera….

So to cut a long story short and after some sad faces my clever husband decides to take the iPad on ICE.

We had a super day and these are some of the shots from the iPad…. must say we got more than a few strange looks from the other hikers when we pulled out our “camera” from under Andrew’s shirt.

The last one walking like a penguin is me!!!!

Doing a bit of caving in the glacier

Andrew Caving

Andrew coming out of the other side of the cave

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13 thoughts on “iPad on ICE

  1. Dingo Morrison

    Guys…it was great to meet you on the glacier and also to have caught up again on the Navimag. Enjoyed the stories, laughs and hope that one or two of 600 odd photographs of the glacier that we have passed on to you make it to your website :)) Take care and safe travels. x Dean and Debs

  2. Cathy and Andrew – you are truly fantastic adventurers! The Ipad is worth having it seems. Keep warm. Lots of love from Peter and Jennifer

  3. Ameera

    Hi Cathy!!!! Im really enjoying following your trip-it seems like a real life tv series! So glad u having such an amazing time! U truly are blessed and fortunate! Missing you more than you know!
    All my love

    • Cathy

      Hi my lovely Amera
      You guys have really been in m thoughts. I hope it is going well. You really can do it and before you know it the exam will be over and you will have your life back. Just remember that you really don’t need to know everthing and don’t concentrate too much on the details.
      Am so glad you like the posts.
      We ae having lots of fun and truley do fel very blesed.

  4. nicole

    amazing !!!! Cath you need to have more malbec before you go to bed….. then u will be warm all night

  5. Rosemary

    Your Ipad did just GREAT! Pics are stunning! Just love the glazier. You’ve been away a month…. miss you but love the news and beautiful pics from your trip. Hope you are having a great time. Do take care and keep warm.

  6. Lawson

    The i pad did pretty well, we could almost feel the cold right here!
    Puts Kili in the shade Andrew!
    We loved the sight of our penguin!

  7. nvanesch

    Amazing! Keep it up 🙂

  8. rosshofmeyr

    Caving in a crevasse = crevassing 🙂 I love glaciers, right up until they kll people.

  9. Sue

    I had a good laugh reading this! Can just imagine the iPad coming out for the pictures. You must be freezing! Have fun!

    • Cathy

      We bumped into smeone today who was on the same “ice trek” as us and they were laughing when we told them the story. They could not work out on the walk why whad hosen an iPad as a camera and hought we were very strange. xx

  10. Kevin Kevany

    Toss the camera. Awesome place….

  11. Brrr….looks cold guys!

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