Not a fisherman’s tale

When you see a massive statue of a fish as you leave a town in amongt the oil reservoirs and gas tanks, you must stop to wonder……this is the story of the Rio Grande.

The big fish statue that started this story

Rio Grande river

Early morning fishing

Early morning fishing

This massive, low gradient, fast flowing river is renowned for being the world’s best sea trout fishing spot. The entire river frontage is guarded by armed rangers belonging to only 6 adjacent estancias effectively excluding the public. There are 2 spots the public can get access to – a nasty, noisy spot under the bridge leaving town and ‘somewhere’ else, for a daily licence of about 100US$!

In exchange for forgoing a night camping in 5degrees in Tierro del Fuego park ( at the end of the world), I got to go fishing……all about compromise :). The only way to access the Grande is through one of the 6 estancias – after 2 days of correspondence we were able to secure a 24hr visit to the river.

The river "shack" and lunch

Lap of luxury has nothing on this setup. We stayed at a lodge called Villa Maria on Estancia Jose Menendez. Only 6 rods are catered for at any one time – they happened to have a gap! And obseessed fly fisherman come for a week at a time.

Everything is laid on for you – welcome drinks, beautifully done-up farm house to stay in, separate dining room where everyone re-tells the day’s stories.Cath was included in the deal as an observer. I had a guide to myself; full gear including waders and 2 13foot rods at my disposal!
We spent the entire day on the river bar a lunch at the river lodge – 4 course spread with a spectacular view of the river followed by a short siesta. Followed by an evening fish untill 9pm!

My luck held in the early part of the day with the largest fish being 18pounds!

Happiest husband ever!!!

We had an absolutely fantastic time and fishing trip – one definitely to put on the return card!

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9 thoughts on “Not a fisherman’s tale

  1. Trevor

    Hi A & C

    Andrew i have to say that I’m VERY JEALOUS. You know now that when you return you have to arrange for us to go fishing (hopefully here !!!).

    Always good to hera from you both. Be safe and warm.

    All the Best


  2. rosshofmeyr

    I knew there was something fishy going on when Andrew decided to forego camping…

  3. Tanya

    Now that sounds more like a holiday! Cath you must have loved every moment!

  4. Lawson

    That’s a bigger trout than I have ever seen, did you get to eat it???

    Cath this must be your dream place, no wind or rain, a HOT bath soft bed – heaven!!!

    You truely are living your dream you two.
    Lots of love

  5. Cathy Johnstone

    Sounds like you guys are having the most wonderful time!!

  6. Franelise

    WOWZER!!! That thing is HUGE!!!! Well done guys. Sound awesome.

  7. Deb

    Fantastic! A very respectable size fish Andrew!!!
    Loving hearing of your adventures!
    Deb and Kevin

  8. David McPherson

    Nice one Andrew – we all continued to catch fish but it was slowing down by the end of the week. We also had to endure a worsening wind but the River House remained welcoming mid-day and the Villa seemed to get even better when returning from the evening session. It was great to meet you both and I know the others will join me in wishing you both safe motor-cycling and have a great time.

    • Cathy

      Hi David. So great to hear from you. Was really wonderful to meet you and spend such a special time together. Cath and Andy

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