Route and tech news

Cath has done a great job of our overall trip. Here are some fun insights.
2 days ago we drove 865km in one day. This might not sound like much, but riding 2-up, fully loaded, strong cross winds, narrow roads, heavy oncoming truck traffic and the threat of running out of fuel adds a touch of thrill to the ride.
Our average riding speed is close to 125km/hr, so even in a light cross wind you are pulled/pushed all over the place with the wind catching on the side panniers, extra fuel and rear carrier bag. Cath has been super stiff every evening from holding on.

With these winds our fuel consumption goes squanky; we are sitting at 7l/100km, that’s more than a small car! This gives our tank a range of 220km! Now how do you plan your day when you know there are regular fuel shortages. Simple solution;
-pay R15 000 for a built in long range tank
-By the 1150 adventure
-Ride a smaller bike
– or go to Penny Pinchers and spend R200 on a plastic fuel can that carries 10l :):)
fuel gets cheaper the lower you go – south, that is, R14/l in Buenos Aires, R8/l here in P Madryn.

You might have noticed the sheepskin on my saddle? Well the GS has a really uncomfortable saddle; again
R2000 for a fitted sheep skin,
Ride a 650 Dakar
R8000 custom saddle
R400 Discem sheep for the disabled to prevent bedsores! I was thinking of taking out a local Guanacho (kind of lama)and using it if the sheep wears out šŸ˜‰

The Valdes Peninsula: 200km of well packed dirt – the GS just gobbles this stuff. It is so comfortable and stable on the gravel! Ok, we weren’t fully loaded, but still, nice feeling when you are comfy off-road.

Cath has done the lion’s share of some pics but here a few fun ones:

Air traffic control is not so great here – one day on Route 3 down the East coast of Argentina and it’s dead bugs galore! See all the flies feasting on bug splatter?

Lunch for the flies

Lone campers in the Parque Piramide, Valdes Peninsula where our silver steed keeps an eye on the tent.

Tent in the darkness

Ok, DakarMotos, home of the South American biker overlander – this is parked outside their garage in Buenos Aires!

Dakar Motos

The rider to rider comm sets are magic! At low speeds <80, we can talk lekker, above this, the din in Cath’s helmet negates any conversation. The GPS also saves oodles of rider-pillion conflict when getting out of a town! Those maps are trip savers!

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2 thoughts on “Route and tech news

  1. Trevor

    Hi Doc and Doc

    Good to hear about all the adventures will we are stuck in the office………jealous.
    Hope you both have a safe trip and will be keeping in touch.

    Adios……. for now

  2. Lawson

    Thank heaven for the electronic system between your part of the world and SA, and many thanks to the genii who helped you fix the problem. You are truly living your dream.
    We can sympathise with your nightmares and revel with you in your achievements.
    love Dad

    How are the layers going, can you still fit the jackets over the top?? It sounds like an endurance race against the weather, please win the battle AND SLOW DOWN!!!!
    Live your dream but PLEASE AT A SLOWER PACE>
    Love Mum

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