Big thanks

My apologies for not quoting sources!
The magic Internet site that will solve all sorts of GS is problems is hosted by a fellow by the name of Andy – awesome guy! Check it out for potentional bike owners and current GS riders!
Go to the ‘electronics’ tab and look for failed fuel pump and check out the repair strategy!

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8 thoughts on “Big thanks

  1. Hey Andrew and Cathy, it was nice chatting with you today at the end of the world. Maybe, I’ll see you down the road.


  2. will

    Hi Cathy & Andrew- Absolutely love your blog and your adventures in South America. Remind Cathy that I am “Will” who she met at the French Toast with Alex,. Daniella & Tony. Just saw Alex and Paul at Daniela’s birthday party and just connecting the dots that Cathy is Alex’s sister-in-law. Anyways be safe and enjoy. Cheers Will

  3. Andrew

    Just heard that a new one will cost 500 us! Can only get it in Santiago chile!
    I used the workaround 2 since I could not arrange a relay to prevent the 5amp draw on the battery wiping out the can bus of the electronics. So the pump only actually runs as needed – no change to the fuel consumption though!
    We did have part 2 of mech issues- dead battery in the middle of nowhere on a ferry between a blizzard and a gale force windswept pampa! Managed to jumpstart the bike somehow- more later!
    Great to hear from you!

  4. Kevin Kevany

    Assumed it was your father-in-law ready to fly a new one in!!!!

    • Andrew

      Not far from wrong – there may be one in the pipeline!

  5. wendy

    cath and andy
    biking is not for sissies !! thanks for the tech report and keep strong in the howling winds .. .
    luv w and j

    • Andrew

      Riding angle 30degrees, wind so hard that the paint on the wind warning signs is blowing off – wil, send a pic if Cath can manage to keep the camera still long enough to get a pic!

  6. DCL

    Great story, boet! Interesting articles on the site you linked to. I can imagine your deligh when you found it.

    Do you plan on getting a new controller? You probably should – reading the inforamtion your link – it is very likely that you will get miserable fuel consumption with the pump running full bore all the time.

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