South America without the 2-up

Fountains at the National Congress Buildings

Buenos dias from Buenos Aires. We have arrived safely but unfortunately the silver steed missed her connection from JHB due to the strikes about the toll roads…. so we are bike-less travellers  for a few days.

So instead of travelling immediately down south it has given us a few days to explore Buenos Aires. We have set up home at Dakar Motos which is the garage that is helping us get the bike through customs. There are quite a few other bikers here. Most have hectic tattoos on their forearms and I’m sure in other places that I will leave up to your imagination. I have told Andrew that you cannot call yourself a hectic proper biker unless you have these decorative artworks. It has really been interesting chatting to them all about their travels. One lady biker was travelling through Bolivia and a rock from a landslide hit her bike and she broke her femur. She then went home to recover for 8 months and still came back to finish her trip. Another biker has been travelling now for 4 years on his bike around the world.

We heard yesterday (Friday) that our silver steed has arrived but being four o’clock on a Friday afternoon we will only be able to clear her on Monday. Still it did give us hope and we are planning to celebrate tonight by going to a tango show and by sleeping in a proper bed.

Buenos Aires is beautiful. It does not have the natural beauty  of Cape Town but the energy in the city is very electric. There are beautiful buildings everywhere and sculptures around every corner.

Floralis Generis: this massive flower opens in the day and closes at night

Beautiful architecture

Traffic with the University building on the right and the Floralis Generis in the far distant right

The traffic is crazy… 5 to 6 lanes going in one direction with drivers cutting in from both sides without even looking. Our taxi driver was driving in the side lane and reversing up highway exits backwards. While walking around (which we have done LOTS of) yesterday we saw a tow truck just turn straight into another car and CRASH. Quite hectic. I think both of us are really happy that we are not driving around.

Andrew and his parrilla: my husband is happiest when he has a kilo of meat on his plate



The food is great and Andrew has already been attacking the Argentinean steak with full force . We (when I say we I think you know who has been doing the MAJOR eating)

have been eating empanadas (meat pies), choripan (large sausage in a round roll), pizza, asado (barbecued meat) on a parrilla (grill) and we still need to test out the pasta. Apparently pizza and pasta are part of the Italian Argentinean heritage so we have to try it all. We have also tasted the chimichurri which is the famous sauce that is used on the steak made of olive oil, vinegar, chilli and some other spices.





Cathy and Andrew in Buenos Aires

We hope everyone is well back home and we do miss you. Thank you so much for all the messages. It is so great to hear from you all. Keep fingers crossed that we manage to get the silver steed on Monday….

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12 thoughts on “South America without the 2-up

  1. Vikki

    The adventures and unpredictability have begun – what fun!!!there in spirit!!
    Love Viks

  2. Tammy Harvie

    Sounds like fun!! Keep the news coming. South America is amazing. Keep safe xx

  3. tracey

    Sorry things haven’t gone according to plan, but sometimes that’s when you have the most fun – and those wide smiles and relaxed faces tell me you’ve taken the late start in your stride! bright lights and big steaks – sounds great

  4. Aarjan

    Cirkey BA traffic sounds just like India!

    • Andrew

      What is amazing is the lack of stop streets at intersections. You just drive across an intersection willy nilly in the vague hope that another willy-nillier does not coincide with your path! Thankfully the bike has ABS so every now and then you climb on the brakes and hope!

  5. Renardo Lourens

    So jealous now whilst sitting here grafting through some papers!

    Njoy and be safe!
    Renardo & Nidia

    • Andrew

      865km in the saddle today, about to pass out on a soft bed after several nights camping! We can sympathise in part sitting down all day 🙂

  6. Emily

    So great to hear your news and see some pics! Although frustrating, it sounds like you made the most of your delay and I think it’s cool that you got to explore BA a bit. Sounds like you guys need to oick up some artwork to join the biker brigade 😉
    You must be on your way now on your trusted silver steed. Hope she proves to be sturdy and faithful. ENJOY the open road and look forward to more updates!

  7. charliesbird

    Hi Cathy, Robyn Spring here, what an awesome adventure you are undertaking, enjoy! I will watch this journey with great interest from the sidelines!

  8. Margy Gracey

    Hi guys – cant believe the silver steed got held up in the stoopid SA strike! But she sure made up time if it she’s there now – hope setting her free on Monday is a quick and uncomplicated process ….
    Impressive plate of meat Andy. Lovely, interesting pics – wonderful to see something of what you are experiencing. Hugs all round

    • Andrew

      Hey Marg,

      We got the bike out easily enough, but gosh, the 2 night storage fee due to the weekend set us back R2200! Now that hurts!
      We made a start today, but less than 100km due to drenching downpour! 😉

      Intrepid travellers persist!
      Andy and Cathy

  9. Mary

    you guys rock! x M&B

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