Rough Route Plan

We haven’t planned much of the route but have a rough idea which I have put in colour on this map.

Initially we just want to head South as it is apparently getting very very cold down there… neither of us is any good in cold weather and we have never been on a bike in low temps so we are going to have to see how it goes. We have packed lots of warm clothing like thermals (thanks Jake and Wendy), thick jackets, balaclava’s and woolen hats so it should be quite interresting. I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to fit all the layers on under my leathers!!!!!!!!

The red is the route down to Ushuaia which we hope to cover in the 1st ten or so days if the weather is kind to us. We will then head up the East Coast and see what Patagonia has got to offer.eally like shoes and jewels, cutting back and be quite something. We have managed though to cut right back and have filled the bag on the back of the bike with what we both plan to wear for the next four months. I can see myself having to do some shopping and exchanging along the way!!! For those of you who are wondering….this time I have not packed high heels like last time…I might have to buy a pair there 😉

The side panniers are also packed. The slightly bigger one is filled with all our camping and cooking kit. We have managed to squash a tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 inner linings, 2 blow-up mattresses and a stove in. The other pannier is filled with spare tools (which hopefully my husband knows how to use as I have no cooking clue …. but will probably be an expert assistant by the time we get back) a medical kit with everything from panado to malaria pills (yes there is malaria apparently in the Amazon and Bolivia… so Larium here we come again… maybe that is why we always have so much fun???). We even have a suture kit which I really hope we won’t need to use. The Top Box has all our important documents, maps, pens, torches, sewing kit etc.

This time we even have communication devices so I can chat to my gorgeous husband… and on the down side he can hear me squeal when I get a bit nervous…. I’m wondering how long it is going to take before he regrets getting these… but I’m super happy that I’ll be able to do my backseat directing a lot better.

These picks below show what we have managed to pack and our new riding boots.

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10 thoughts on “Rough Route Plan

  1. sally


    Understand your regret at not being able to pack the high heels. So.. while waiting for the bike to arrive ..head straight for Comme Il Faut, BA for a selection of spectacular shoes. They will post them back so you won’t have to find extra space. Then when you return you have the the joy of unpacking them and sleeping with them under your pillow ( or on – depending on your preference …)

    I am very envious of this big adventure.

    Have fun and take care

  2. Rosemary

    Cathy this sounds so exciting – have a GREAT trip and look forward to hearing all about it as you go. PASS ultrasound is so dreary & dull without you… And yesterday we had to refer one of the participants to Lut’s dept and could not find a dr. Prof & Coen are away (who knows where??). I think this is our first absent CC… am waiting to see what Lut says.
    Miss you stacks. Take care but enjoy, enjoy!
    Rose x

    • Cathy

      Hi Rose. Thank you so much for the message. We are well and I am missing you too!!!! We are in Buenos Aires waiting for the bike to arrive. It was delayed because of the srike back home about the toll roads. We should be putting up another comment soon with photos.
      xxxx C

  3. Kevin Kevany

    You should write a ‘how to’ guide on packing….if you really can get all that kit + tent etc into your limited space!! Hamba gahle. Bestest Kevin and Deb

    • Cathy

      Takes years of practice xxxx
      Dad taught me that whatever I pack I have to carry…. so I decided that a bike would be a better option than backpacking….he he

  4. Cathy

    oh my sweet brave friends !!! I’m soo glad there are such adventurous souls among us … it gives me shivers just imagining how you will find some clean undies in the panniers ! but then there is the use and give away option (lots of poor people there i believe ..) and then shop shop shop ..
    xxx wendy

  5. Brett Farley

    Have an awesome trip guys and keep us updated.

    • Andrew

      Hey Brett, enjoying your journal through West Africa – what was the road like through Western Sahara?
      I gather they have tarred the section from Nantouchat (cant get the spelling right) in Mauritania!!
      Take care and happy travels!

  6. Those BlueTooth headsets are the bomb. We had such success with them on the bikes that we’ve started fitting them to our flying helmets so that we can chat freely in formation without having to use the radio (which requires constantly changing channels). They’ll add a whole new dimension to the trip. Andrew, repeat atfer me: “Yes, dear. Yeeeeesssss, deeeaaaar….”

    • Andrew

      Absolute bomb! Scala Team Rider Pro – got a pair for R1500, the best version is the Interphone F4, but its R2000 for 1!! got ours in the USA :))
      As Cath says, at least she has to activate before she can shout her lungs out in fear :)))

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